Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What work is included in the project and when will construction begin?
A. Currently a two-lane roadway, NW 48th Street will be constructed as a four-lane divided road between W. Holdrege Street and Highway 34. South of W. Holdrege Street, the road has been designed as a six-lane road to match NDOR’s interchange project, though only five lanes are being built now. The segment between W. Adams Street and Highway 34 is not scheduled for construction at this time, but preliminary design plans have been completed.

Construction for the segment of NW 48th Street between W. Vine Street and W. Adams Street is scheduled to begin March 30, 2015. Some private utility construction has already started, and site prep and initial grading will likely take place in March.

Q. How is the project being funded?
A. The project is locally funded through a combination of impact fee revenues and wheel tax dollars.

Q. Is the public involved in this process, and how can I get involved?
A. Public involvement and feedback is highly encouraged throughout the design process. Four public open houses have been held, along with dozens of individual meetings with project stakeholders. More information on ways you can participate can be found on the Public Involvement page. Please do not hesitate to contact the design team at any time during the project with comments or questions. Contact information can be found on the Contact Us page. You also can follow project progress by following @nw48thstreet on Twitter or by signing up for our RSS feed on the project website.

Q. What did you hear as the key concerns at the first public meeting?
A. Feedback was received on a variety of subjects at the public meeting, including roadway access, safety, intersections, construction and construction access, preference for different alignments, the current road condition, drainage and flooding, sidewalks, pedestrian accommodations, trails, and roadway aesthetics. Key concerns included the following: 1) Timeliness: Many are anxious to get project construction started and would like initial project construction to be extended north of West Adams Street. 2) Access during construction. 3) Safety for both drivers and pedestrians. 4) Drainage.

Q. Have you asked the school or others in the area what they think about the design options? Are you coordinating with the airport and utilities?
A. Yes, we have met one-on-one with many stakeholders on this project, including Arnold Elementary School, the Lincoln Housing Authority, the Lincoln Airport Authority, Lincoln Fire and Rescue, StarTran, multiple property owners and developers, businesses, utility representatives, and elected officials.

Q. How will you select which of the alternatives to construct? When will this decision be made?
A. The alternatives will be evaluated on multiple criteria that include: environmental impacts, ROW impacts, constructability, access during construction, cost, and public input. The City hopes to pick a final alignment soon after the public meeting comment period ends. Watch the project website for updates, as we will update the site when a decision has been made. If you provided your email address when you signed in at a public meeting, you will be notified of a decision via email.

Q. Why is initial construction stopping at West Adams Street?
A. The Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization developed seven goals for the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan. (For a complete listing and description of each goal, see page 23 of the PDF document posted on this site. Note: The document is 16 MB, so it may take a moment to load.) All segments included in the City’s Arterial Street System were prioritized using those seven goals and NW 48th Street from West O Street to West Adams Street ranked as the next segment needing to be constructed. The remaining section of NW 48th Street to the north of West Adams Street is further down on the priority list, but preliminary design plans and environmental reviews will still be completed at this time to provide better project coordination between the segments and also with future development plans for the area. The City also is exploring possible options to mill the existing surface between West Adams Street and West Fletcher Avenue and overlay it with asphalt as a separate project.

Q. How do you determine where traffic signals will be placed?
A. Multiple criteria are evaluated to determine the need for a traffic signal. These criteria, or warrants, are set at a national level by the Federal Highway Administration and are provided in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). A traffic study is typically performed to evaluate the nine traffic signal warrants, including warrants based on traffic volumes, pedestrians, crash experience, and traffic progression. Satisfying a warrant does not always require installing a traffic signal; the traffic study also should indicate that installing a traffic signal will improve the overall safety and/or operation of the intersection or roadway corridor. Periods of high delay or stacking vehicles do not necessarily justify a traffic signal.

Q. If one of the shifted North Options is selected, what will happen to the current NW 48th Street?
A. If the roadway shifts, the current NW 48th Street would become a neighborhood street. One section of the current NW 48th Street may be removed to help with traffic calming, drainage improvements, and maintenance. The City would evaluate the appropriate rehabilitation/reconstruction options.

Q. If the roadway shifts, won’t this hurt emergency response?
A. Our design team has met with Lincoln Fire and Rescue. They are comfortable with all three options and are confident that all service will be maintained at a high level.

Q. Does this project include the Diverging Diamond Interchange design for the I-80/NW 48th Street interchange? When will that project be under construction?
A. No, the interstate interchange is a Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) project, and the NW 48th Street roadway project is a City of Lincoln project. They are separate projects, but we are coordinating with NDOR. The interchange is currently scheduled to be under construction in 2014 and completed in 2015, while the NW 48th Street project begins construction in 2015. NDOR's project schedule is dependent upon the availability of funds for the project. If you have further questions, please contact Brian Johnson, NDOR project manager, at or 402.479.3990.

Q. How will this project impact my access to my home or business?
A. The project will be designed with the goal of minimizing access disruptions during construction. Since NW 48th Street is a major arterial street with limited detour options the design team will look at maintaining traffic and access during construction using the existing and/or temporary driving lanes. There may be times however when access restrictions are required.

Q. When will the public and businesses know about property acquisition and easements?
A. The City plans to have preliminary right-of-way and easement needs identified by December 2013. This information will be available for review and discussion at the open house currently scheduled for that time. One-on-one meetings can also be scheduled to discuss any impacts to specific properties. The City plans to finalize the right-of-way and easement needs by January 2014 and begin the appraisal process. More information on the acquisition process is available in the Right-of-Way Acquisition and Your Property pamphlet on the City’s website. Business owners may also refer to Coping with Construction – A Guide for Lincoln Businesses.