Construction for the segment of NW 48th Street between W. Vine Street and W. Adams Street is scheduled to begin March 30, 2015. Some private utility construction has already started, and site prep and initial grading began in March.
Currently a two-lane roadway, NW 48th Street will be constructed as a four-lane divided road between W. Holdrege Street and W. Adams Street. South of W. Holdrege Street, the road has been designed as a six-lane road to match NDOR’s interchange project, though only five lanes are being built now. The segment between W. Adams Street and Highway 34 is not scheduled for construction at this time, but preliminary design plans have been completed.

Public meetings were held throughout the project to ask the public to share thoughts and concerns so design engineers could incorporate public feedback into the design. Public comment was encouraged along the entire NW 48th Street corridor between West O Street and Highway 34. Learn more about public involvement here.

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